That Night

All it took was a sideways glance

A few honest words

And that kiss


Curled up next to a beating heart –

S-shaped curves

I want to race


You’re melting me like snow on the tongue –

Butter in your pan

My hearts on the run


Your eyes (the color of water on a right day)

They anchor me

At your side


Anticipating the nature of our play

I wait

To feel my way around your night


All it took was your gentleness

An avenue to admit

Which way the wind blew


That night

All it took was you


A Heart Opening Vantage Point

Shapes silhouette, reaching toward afterglow
They halo the night
Our hemicycle viewpoint
Multi-dimensional depths hidden in plain sight
Peering back over eons – over life, space and time
An endless Viennese Waltz between the bodies of Destruction and Creation
A constant push and pull of taut Universal Magnetism
Our two-dimensional window is a quadruple pane, a star-dabbled time warp
Reaching forward and backward like the Heart Opener stretch
And I’m opening up to the night at your side
Breathing it in – planck time, threefold